Elephant Watch Camp

Shortly after Save the Elephants was established in Samburu, my mother, Oria, built Elephant Watch Camp to provide the simple luxury of an intimate but safe interface for people who wanted to come and explore the magical world of elephants. More than a decade later, I’ve been spending more and more time helping out with this extraordinary project to engage people from Kenya and around the world in the wonder of elephants and the work being done to secure their future.

Elephant Watch Camp is the ultimate in eco-chic and an unrivalled wildlife experience, thanks to our links with Save the Elephants and the Ewaso national reserves (Samburu and Buffalo Springs). It’s a place where your dreams of an African adventure come true. Idyllic days are spent amongst wild animals with charming guides from the nomadic community, and you can meet leading conservationists in the field to learn more about the secret life of elephants. When you return to camp in the evening you’re immersed in a luxury that is highly sensitive to the environment’s fragility. The commotions of modern life quickly dissolve as your soul is soothed and enchanted by the wild world.

What makes Elephant Watch Camp special is that everything connects back to nature. Each tent is specially designed to fit under its own tree, so in the morning – as you’re serenaded by birdsong and the rustling of animals all around you – it feels like you’re peeking out from under the Tree of Life.  The camp is unfenced so animals move about freely, and in the sagaram season (Acacia tortilis seedpods) bull elephants hustle in to make the most of the feast. Each elephant is known individually, and leopard, hyena, porcupines, civets, genets, impala, dikdik and other antelope share our forest habitat.

We believe that elephants are special because they are highly intelligent, sentient creatures that share much in common with us. They are self-aware and feel complex emotions like empathy and compassion that suggest a type of consciousness that is similar to our own. Each has its own unique personality and character and is defined by its life experiences, relying heavily on the elephants it knows for love, safety and support.

Together with our amazing team of Samburu nomads at Elephant Watch Camp, we try to enchant guests with all things Africa and elephant, to win people over to the conservation cause. Promoting a respectful and compassionate relationship with wildlife at all times, we work closely with Save the Elephants to raise awareness worldwide about the ivory crisis, lobby opinion-makers and raise funds for anti-poaching efforts. We believe that eco-tourism is a powerful tool for conservation and we hope that you will join hands with us to build the sustainable future of which we dream for our children.

To find out more please visit www.elephantwatchportfolio.com or you can write to reservations@elephantwatchportfolio.com to make a booking.