Wedding Day!

Hip hip Hooray! Caloo-Caley! The most perfect ever wedding day.


©  Bernard Spoerry

The blessing from the Samburu elders, led by Mzee Lekalaile:

May you be hidden from your enemies like stars in the daylight – N’gai!

May we find time to sit and chat like owls in the wet season – N’gai!

May you be blessed with fat cattle, children and rain – N’gai!

And find many blessings on the path ahead – N’gai!

May N’gai take care of you and hide you in his armpit – N’gai!

And also in his stomach – N’gai!

May you slip thro’ the claws of danger and find shelter in the hole of a bead – N’gai!

Walk when the sun rises – N’gai!

Live as long and wisely as a bull elephant – N’gai!

Be brave, courageous and famous for your deeds – N’gai!

As outstanding as Ngai’s mountains, Oldonyo Nyiro, Sapache, Mt Kenya – N’gai!

May your life resemble the doum palm leaf, blessed with diversity – N’gai!

May you be the last in to shut the gate with heavy gardinia wood – N’gai!

May N’gai bless you and give you success in life – Atejo N’gai aya!  Ashe Oleng!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Day!

  1. Hi Saba Douglas Hamilton . its fun saying your name fast. I’m so glad that we can get to see you in that wonderful locations you do wonderful work I’m an eighty-one years old man and still get around well and would love to see your show again Godspeed , Ma’am bless you and your family and the animals of course

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