A Life with Elephants – 2017 speaking tour

New_Credit Sam Gracey - Saba Douglas-Hamilton looking at a herd of elephants

What a whirl! So many new faces and places!  Part of the growing alliance of environmentally conscious people that care deeply about the future of elephants and the state of the natural world.  Thank you all for being so warm and welcoming. I’ll be back in 2019!


50 thoughts on “A Life with Elephants – 2017 speaking tour

  1. I soooooo wish I could join you somewhere but I will be in Spain when you are in England. I hope the tour is wonderful and you enjoy every breath. xxxx

  2. Real Pity you not coming up to the North East, hope you have a fantastic tour and lots of good and positive awareness comes from it. Love reading about what yourself and the camp is up to.

  3. Hi, my 11 year old is very much looking forward to seeing you in Haywards Heath on 4th November and is already planning her questions. She would love the chance to meet you if at all possible, as she went to school dressed as you for Heros Day this year but I know this is unlikely. Will you be speaking to people before or after? And thank you for coming to the UK to speak

  4. Hello Saba – am really looking forward to attending your talk on the 20th November – I was at Elephant Watch Camp last September and unfortunately did not have a chance to meet you there as I believe you were at a CITES meeting then although I am hoping to go back to the camp in February. It was such a memorable experience and I cannot wait to go back.

  5. So looking forward to this. Not a single date in Yorkshire. In fact the north of england apart from 1 date in manchester seems sadly missed.
    Late monday night for me travelling to Manchester and back. Cant wait

  6. Hi, the closest talk to me is in Manchester – I live in York. How long is the talk likely to last as I will need to check the train times to see if I can get back for an early start the next morning. Hoping I can make it!

  7. Gutted I will miss you. I’m out of the UK in November. Good luck and hope to hear one of your tours in the future.
    I’ll just have to keep up on FB.

  8. Hi, i note you say you have done Scotland twice and you have done England/Wales several times. Can i point out Northern Ireland people are just as passionate about your work as anywhere else in the UK. I know its a nuisance having to come across some water maybe for just one night but fo rus it would be worth it. Next time you are here in the UK on a tour please consider us here in Ireland !

  9. Good luck with your tour Saba. I understand that you are talking at West Midlands Safari Park.- where we had our wedding reception. Can’t make it sadly. Haven’t seen you since that summer working for your father just as you were about to start at St. Andrews. Oh I do recall the Elephant Ball though and your stunning impromptu gold dress.Regards to all.

  10. Wonderful, insightful talk at the Riverfront Newport, over too soon, a book is needed for all the stories and the ones to come. Your photographs were great in particular the head profile of the bull elephant emerging from the darkness, an amazing photograph taken around a unique event. This would be an amazing print to have, which I would suspect many others would agree as we now know the story behind it. I checked, the print I mentioned of Bella it was one Jonathan Truss did, which had an inscription ” Bella The most beautiful leopard” accredited to you, which I purchased from the DSWF. Best wishes for the rest of the tour and for all the hard work that you, your family and team do in wildlife conservation.

  11. Last night I dreamt of elephants! I went to your talk in Ipswich last night – beautiful, funny and sad but also uplifting and inspiring. If anyone is thinking of going DO!

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