In the Footsteps of Elephants • • •

HOW DO I BOOK? Saba’s tour is taking place this Autumn across the UK. You can book your favourite venue by clicking on the TOUR DATES 2022 icon at the top of the page.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? The world is changing fast. As the tectonic plates of geopolitics and climate change shift, nature is increasingly threatened by humanity. For elephants the scourge of the ivory trade has diminished, at least for the meanwhile. African elephants are slowly emerging from their safe havens to find a landscape being transformed by expanding agriculture, modern pastoralism, and fragmented by newly built roads and railways.

Born and raised amongst nomads and wildlife in the savannahs of East Africa – conservationist and filmmaker, Saba Douglas-Hamilton – has lived and breathed the battle to save Africa’s elephants from day one, hand-in-hand with her family. Their vehicle, a small but hard-hitting NGO, Save The Elephants (STE) – founded by her father, Iain DH, a pioneer researcher of elephant behaviour – harnesses the minds and fighting spirits of dedicated scientists and local Samburu people defending elephants from ivory trade and conflict.  Saba works in parallel to STE, running a social enterprise – Elephant Watch Camp – that offers an alternative livelihood and training for nomads through eco-tourism, and specialises in intimate encounters with elephants to recruit people that love wildlife to the conservation cause.

 ‘In The Footsteps of Elephants’ is an inspiring and heart warming account of the tumultuous journey and impossible odds faced by a brave alliance saving Africa’s most iconic species. Triggered by pivotal support from Leonardo DiCaprio, Save The Elephants success in raising millions of dollars with their partners, fighting wildlife traffickers, luring super models to the wilds of Kenya to influence opinion in China, and persuading high-end jewellers like Tiffany’s to commit to the cause, has helped turn the tide and won back critical space for this endangered species. 

Saba’s stories of cattle rustlers driven mad by accelerating desertification, the trust of sleeping elephants forced to seek shelter among humans, China’s greatest athlete kick-starting change, and the courage of Africa’s unsung heroes risking their lives fighting poachers, swings from heart-breaking to hilarious in a spirited rebellion against the culture of rogue materialism that is bankrupting our planet.

In The Footsteps of Elephants promises to be an evening of love and loss, happiness and heartache, beautifully illustrated with photographs and film, and told in gripping detail by an arch-storyteller celebrating the synergy and triumph of a committed coalition. With the world waking up to the climate crisis, Saba explores how our planet’s biosphere has never been more important or more fragile.  But in this uplifting and inspiring story, she shows that there is still hope for the African elephant – and for all species – if we continue to work together as a force for change. 

9 thoughts on “In the Footsteps of Elephants • • •

  1. Good morning Saba,
    Thrilled to hear you are touring UK in the Autumn. I’ve got my tickets for Bristol.
    You won’t remember me, but I’ve spoken with you at your previous tours. Swindon, Cheltenham etc.
    I mentioned to you that I’m a supporter of Save the Elephant and I was privileged to get my photo with you. Pride of place with the image of Bodecea.
    My partner passed away in Oct 2019, so I’ve not been able to dimy annual visit to wonderful Kenya since 2017. However, I’m coming back in October and staying at the Sheldrick camp at Ithumva, Tsavo, then on to Samburur and then the Mara. The Sheldrick Trust have given me permission to place a memorial plague for my partner at the Nairobi orphanage as his last wish. It will be emotional but I can’t wait to rerun after already 20 visits to Kenya. I hope that you, tge family, tgd teams and tgd elephants are well. I do worry about the awful drought you’ve experience. I fly from London on 7th October for 2 weeks. I will look forward to seeing you on the 1st oct in Bristol. Sincerest wishes. Julie Titcombe.

  2. Dear Julie – I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your partner, but what a wonderful memorial to place a plague with his beloved elephants. It is sure to be an enormously special journey. Please come say hello in Bristol!

    • Dear Saba,
      Thank you so much for your message. I know that you are always busy, so I really appreciate you taking the time to say hi. It has made my day as I’m such a fan. I will certainly come and say hello again in Bristol. Strangely enough, I have just donated toyour appeal regarding the aerial surveillance of elephants during the drought. I mentioned in the text that I’m returning to Samburu as part of my return to Kenya. Then yesterday, I received a lovely email from your husband, inviting me to view your research unit if I can get there. I will be staying at Ashnil Samburu camp, so don’t know how far away you are from there, but I am considering it. As my partner has paased, two close female friends are coming to Kenya with me. They have not done this trip before, and are relying on me to be the “perfect” guide. They left it to me to do the itiniary. Arrive Nairobi 8th October. Then as follows :-
      9th Sheldrick Trust Orphage, where Angela has given permission to place the plague for Arnie. I will be glad when that bit is over. On the 10th we drive with Somak, to Tsavo, to stay at the Sheldticks, ithumba Hills camp. For 3 nights. On 13th return to Nairobi for 1 night.
      On 14th, fly fro. WILSON TO samburu for 3 nights at Ashnil, then on the 17th we fly from Samburu to Main Governors Camp in the Mara. My 6th visit. On the 20th, return to Nairobi Serena hotel, for one night before flying back to UK. Phew.!! Was due to come last year for my 70th birthday, but that was not possible. I will send Frank a copy of my itiniary, just in case it is possible to visit the research unit. In the meantime, I will look forward to saying hello in Bristol and listening to you again. Take care, Julie x

  3. Dear Saba
    I am a keen wildlife enthusiast and artist and am looking forward to attending your talk in Aylesbury on 15th September.
    I was so moved to read Julie’s comments above and therefore feel quite awkward about a request for a possible elephant photograph – that you would not mind if I used for a pastel painting. It seems so trivial compared Julie’s story.
    Thank you anyway and I hope your tour is enjoyable.
    WIth sincere best wishes Linda Hopkins

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply to me – can I assume that you would not mind if I paint a copy? I would not wish to infringe any copyright. I am looking forward seeing you at Aylesbury.

  4. Hi Saba
    We are looking forward to seeing you again, we so enjoyed your last talk in The Pump House,Cheltenham.
    We have a slight problem my husband booked tickets to see you in Bristol on 1st October but discovered that we are showing my dogs at two major dog show in Stoneleigh Park, Coventry the same day & as we live in S.Wales it will be impossible to get the dogs home after the dog show & get to the theatre on time. We have tried to get hold of Bristol 1532 to get a refund but they don’t seem to be answering their phone or emails.We want rebook the tickets in another theatre (Worcester on 29th September) but can’t until we get a refund from 1532 Bristol, please can you help..

    • Hello Denise – I’m so sorry to hear of all the problems you’ve had. Am not involved at all in ticket sales as these are managed by the theatres, but I am passing your email to my Agent who is in communication with them. Hopefully she can find a way to get this sorted. So sorry – what a bore!!! Am not quite sure how to contact you outside of this website. Can you send me your email? S

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