In the Footsteps of Elephants • • • Sept/Oct 2022 speaking tour!

Hello elephant friends! Hello allies of the wild!

I’m super excited to be returning to the UK this September and October (2022) with a brand new speaking tour, at 22 venues in England and Scotland. You can book your favourite theatre here on my website – click on the links under the TOUR DATES 2022 icon at the top of the page for dates and venues. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “In the Footsteps of Elephants • • • Sept/Oct 2022 speaking tour!

  1. Good morning Saba,
    Thrilled to hear you are touring UK in the Autumn. I’ve got my tickets for Bristol.
    You won’t remember me, but I’ve spoken with you at your previous tours. Swindon, Cheltenham etc.
    I mentioned to you that I’m a supporter of Save the Elephant and I was privileged to get my photo with you. Pride of place with the image of Bodecea.
    My partner passed away in Oct 2019, so I’ve not been able to dimy annual visit to wonderful Kenya since 2017. However, I’m coming back in October and staying at the Sheldrick camp at Ithumva, Tsavo, then on to Samburur and then the Mara. The Sheldrick Trust have given me permission to place a memorial plague for my partner at the Nairobi orphanage as his last wish. It will be emotional but I can’t wait to rerun after already 20 visits to Kenya. I hope that you, tge family, tgd teams and tgd elephants are well. I do worry about the awful drought you’ve experience. I fly from London on 7th October for 2 weeks. I will look forward to seeing you on the 1st oct in Bristol. Sincerest wishes. Julie Titcombe.

  2. Dear Julie – I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your partner, but what a wonderful memorial to place a plague with his beloved elephants. It is sure to be an enormously special journey. Please come say hello in Bristol!

  3. Dear Saba
    I am a keen wildlife enthusiast and artist and am looking forward to attending your talk in Aylesbury on 15th September.
    I was so moved to read Julie’s comments above and therefore feel quite awkward about a request for a possible elephant photograph – that you would not mind if I used for a pastel painting. It seems so trivial compared Julie’s story.
    Thank you anyway and I hope your tour is enjoyable.
    WIth sincere best wishes Linda Hopkins

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