Saba ivory burn - Sl

The 1989 ivory burn in Kenya

I am active as a trustee of Save The Elephants which tries to see the world from an elehant’s perspective and has projects in Kenya, Mali, Congo and South Africa. In Namibia, a conservation project close to my heart is Save the Rhino Trust, dedicated to the study and protection of the desert-adapted black rhino.

Closely connected to wildlife conservation is the social, economic and educational state of the communities that live alongside them. I believe that local people are the best potential ambassadors for wildlife. In Kenya I’m involved in an education project in Samburu run by Save the Elephants in tandem with Elephant Watch Safaris and am currently sponsoring two children through their secondary education. The cost is approximately US $6000 per pupil which covers four years of schooling and transforms the lives of some of Kenya’s brightest hopes for the future. If you wish to sponsor a child or find out more please click here.

After Kenya’s disputed election in 2008 my family and became involved with an inspiring Kenyan peace initiative, Concerned Citizens for Peace. The group aims to influence the highest level of negotiation under Kofi Annan to bring about lasting peace, as well as working in the slums and across the Rift Valley on community projects leading to peace and healing through truth, justice and reconciliation. See for updates.

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