Desert-adapted black rhino in Namibia, and the making of Animal Planet’s Saba & The Rhino’s Secret

Royal Bengal tiger in Ranthambhore, India, during the making of Search for Tigers

The family that lives with Elephants

“Search for Polar Bears” in Svalbard and “Big Bear Diary” Nunavut, Canada.

“Running with Reindeer” with Sami nomads in Kautokeino, Norway.

Kamunyak “the Blessed One” and the oryx calf she adopted, as seen on BBC’s Wild in the“Miracle Lioness” and Animal Planet’s Mutual of Omaha’s “Heart of a Lioness”

Huli wigmen of“Papua New Guinea”, and the Sepik river, “Brunei”, “Uganda”, the famous Coptic rock churches of Lalibela in“Ethiopia”

Antarctica Seals, penguins & whales along the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Going Ape” Tai Forest, Cote d’Ivoire

“Big Cat Diary”Maasai Mara, Kenya

Save the Elephants awards and at work in Samburu, Kenya and the Gourma desert, Mali

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